Announcing the Ludgate Business Excellence Initiative

Finbarr Sheehy - Lean Sigma Training - Business Excellence

Want to Improve your Business?

As part of the Ludgate Hub strategy to create jobs in the local area, Ludgate has partnered with to provide you with an opportunity to make your business more effective.

Would you like to learn how to..

  • Provide greater Value to your customers
  • Understand how your processes work
  • Identify the Value Add and Non Value Add in your business
  • Eliminate Waste in your Processes
  • Make your processes Flow smoother

Delivered by Finbarr Sheehy, a native of Skibbereen, the programme will teach you the skills of business improvement and will also mentor you to achieve those improvements. Starting in October the programme will consist of an initial training in the areas of process improvement (Lean Thinking), followed by a mentored implementation of improvement ideas within each of the businesses. Each business will implement the improvements and could possibly showcase their achievements as part of open event. This programme is suitable for any type of business –  manufacturing, service provider, medical, farming, fisheries, retail etc. Also it suitable for large and small business organisations.

All training can be delivered free of charge in the facilities in Ludgate.

Finbarr Sheehy - Lean Sigma Training - Business Excellence - Ludgate SkibbereenProgramme Outline

Initial Training – October 13th & 14th – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Two days of training covering the following topics,

  1. Business Success – Understand the fundamentals elements of any successful business
  2. Customer Service – Understand the concept of Customer (Internal & External)
  3. Lean Principles – Value, Waste, Flow, Customer Driven, Pursuit of Perfection
  4. Value & Non Value – Understand the concept of Value Adding and Non Value Adding
  5. Value Stream – Understand the concept of a Value Stream. Understand how to identify the value added steps and non-value added steps
  6. Measurement – Understand what are the critical parameters for the Value Stream, how to measure them, how to define targets and how to track performance
  7. Lean Flow Tools – Understand how to use basic Lean tools such as Process Mapping, Kaizen, Kanban, SMED, 5S and Poke Yoke

Implementation & Mentorship

As part of the programme each business will identify some aspect of their business that can be improved. These improvements can range from clearer vision and objectives, improved physical layout, improved process flow, improved safety, improved communication and signage, yield improvement, reduced waste or scrap, etc. Mentorship would be provided online to help implement the improvements.

Each participant would identify areas in their business where they can apply the principles. This could be related to facility layout, signage, process design, yield improvements, waste elimination, etc. This would be supported by mentorship and online facilitation.


Each of the businesses would then present their improvements as part of an open day to celebrate their achievements as well as an opportunity to showcase business in the improvements.

What do I need to participate?

Identify someone in your business who would attend the training and be in a position to identify areas of your business that would benefit from this initiative. Contact Gillean Guy in Ludgate to apply.

What skills do I need to participate?

Anyone with a good understanding of your business and is eager to identify and implement improvements would be an ideal candidate for this programme.

What type of mentorship will be provided?

Finbarr Sheehy will personally mentor each programme. This will be done either in person, online or by phone, depending on the type of improvements.

Could I send more than one person on this programme?

Yes, you can send several people on the programme who are willing to implement the improvements in your business.

What would be a typical example of an improvement initiative?

Typical examples of improvements could be the following,

  • Improve the physical layout of your facility, factory floor, yard, etc.
  • Elimination of waste (Time, inventory, transport, defects, overproduction, rework, etc.) in your business
  • Reduction in time to make a product / provide a service
  • Elimination of errors in documentation
  • Improved customer service

What is the duration of the programme?

The programme will start in October and will run for approximately three to four months, depending on the size of the improvement.

What types of businesses are suitable?

This initiative is suitable for every business – from the small retail stores, to light engineering, restaurants, hotels, fish processing, farming, food processing, legal, medical, construction, plus many more.

Where can I find out more about the programme?

You can contact Gillean Guy at Ludgate or contact Finbarr Sheehy at or on (086) 3875958.

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