Lean Sigma Green Belt Certification – Lean Training

Course Outline

This two-day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training course teaches participants about Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, and the practical application of these tools and techniques.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training is suitable for anyone who wants to understand the fundamental principles and start to implement simple improvements.

The programme is suitable for any industry/sector. Every programme is designed specifically for the needs of your business.

Finbarr Sheehy - Lean Sigma Training - Business Excellence - Lean Thinking

Learning Objectives

At the end of the programme, the learner will,

  • Develop an overall understanding of the concepts, tools, and principles of Lean.
  • Understand the Six Sigma philosophy, the DMAIC methodology and the tools and techniques used in Six Sigma.
  • Identify the similarities, differences and practical applications of both Six Sigma and Lean approaches.
  • Describe how Lean Six Sigma can be integrated into the company’s management systems.
  • Identify some initial criteria and guidelines for selecting, reviewing and evaluating Lean Six Sigma projects.

This Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training course provides the fundamental understanding of how these programs can be applied to deliver an effective continuous improvement program to reduce waste and variation in the business.

Finbarr Sheehy - Lean Sigma Training - Business Excellence - No WasteIntroduction

  • The elements of Business Success
  • Customer Service
  • Business Models

Lean Thinking

  • The concept of Value u0026amp; Value Adding
  • Lean Principles
  • Lean Waste

Process Mapping u0026amp; Value Stream Mapping

  • What is a Process?
  • Developing Process Maps – Excel / Visio
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Developing a Value Stream Map
  • Waste identification in a Value Stream
  • Map

Lean Tools

  • Improving layout us 5S
  • Achieving improved handovers/changeovers using SMED
  • Error proofing using Poke Yoke
  • Generating Triggers/Flags and Status Updates using Kanban
  • Level Loading

Six Sigma

  • Overview of Six Six Sigma – Strategy u0026amp; Measure
  • Define – Defining a Problem / Opportunity
  • Measure – Understanding the current situation
  • Analyse – Determining a Root Cause
  • Improving – Developing a Solution
  • Control – Sustaining the improvements

Project Identification and Implementation

Many organisations want to tie the training into a specific project. We can identify a project and support the implementation following the training.

Training Materials

This Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training course is supported with a very comprehensive training manual and selected text books to be used as a reference source after the course.


Lean Sigma certification is provided by LeanSigma.ie. Certification is based on the successful implementation of a simple process improvement in the workplace.

Course Trainer

This course is delivered by Finbarr Sheehy.

Course Cost

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Finbarr Sheehy - Lean Sigma Training - Business Excellence - Lean Six Sigma

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